If you own a diesel truck, chances are you're very proud of it. However, there's always room for improvement when it comes to high performance. There are several ways to improve your diesel truck's performance, and one is installing an upgraded air intake system. Upgrading your diesel truck's airflow kit, also known as air intake systems, is a must! You need to try it to see the difference. 

Keep reading to learn how airflow kits improve diesel engine performance.

The Air Intake System/Airflow Kit

When you look at your vehicle, view it as a living thing. Each part of your truck's engine bay is like an organ in a body; this creates a system with other "organs" to make the body work perfectly. In short, diesel trucks are made up of parts that work together to create an organism that works.

In this analogy, the Airflow Kit is like the lungs of your diesel truck. It works similarly to what the lungs do in living things, giving your diesel engine the oxygen it needs to create combustion. It also systematically pulls air from outside the engine compartment, bringing colder air inside. Colder air is denser and has more oxygen, allowing the engine to run better and make more power.

Imagine yourself struggling to breathe. Your chest feels tight, and you can barely get the air in. It is what happens when a person is suffocating, and it's why one should avoid cutting off their airflow—and the same goes for your engine.

When airflow is not enough, or your air filter is dirty, your engine performs poorly and might stall. But improving the air intake system can help you prevent this problem by maximizing airflow and improving engine efficiency and performance so that everything flows smoothly.

How Air Flow Kits Improve Diesel Engine Performance

Why should you make your diesel truck more efficient? Well, the word "upgrade" means progressing to a higher level. And a high flow of air is very effective at increasing airflow and improving a truck's performance. With this kit, you'll enjoy a better driving experience with your diesel truck. 

Additionally, mechanics can install an upgraded airflow kit quickly and easily. Plus, experts can help carefully attach this accessory to the diesel truck without causing any damage.

We all know that diesel enthusiasts crave the power and roar of a well-functioning engine. And there are even more benefits to improving your air intake system:

Greater Airflow to the Engine 

One reason to install an upgraded air intake system is to improve engine airflow. Better airflow means better efficiency. Therefore, ditching your stock intake and setting up an upgraded airflow kit means better air and more air box space for the engine to thrive. 

Boosts Horsepower

An upgraded airflow kit improves the diesel truck's fuel efficiency and increases the engine's horsepower and torque. The machine cools down when cold air flows into it during the combustion cycle, thus enabling the engine to burn fuel more efficiently. The physics behind this is simple: air density significantly creates high-performance air for your engine. So if you want your diesel truck to run faster than ever, you need an upgraded cold air intake system!

Improves Fuel Economy

The rising fuel costs are a significant concern for many people, so it's essential to know how an upgraded airflow kit can help. You already know that an upgraded air intake system can improve the power of your car's engine, but did you know it can save you money, too?

The relationship between oxygen and fuel plays a vital role in the engine's combustion process—less oxygen intake results in higher fuel consumption, but more oxygen intake results in lower fuel consumption. As a result, an improved cold air intake can help provide sufficient cold air with oxygen, resulting in lower fuel consumption.

Better Gas Mileage

Getting extra gas mileage out of your vehicle is always a bonus. Let the oxygen get into your engine with a cold air intake facility, and let the engine breathe while the truck runs wild on the road! As a result, you'll be able to drive more miles between fill-ups, saving you time and money.

Better Acceleration

When air intake improves, one can feel the difference in acceleration. The reason is due to the diesel truck's improved responsiveness following an upgrade to a cold air intake. The engine can run faster with a cold air intake, resulting in quick acceleration.

How Tameless Performance Can Help

Many people believe that bigger is always better. However, when it comes to your diesel truck, there are many factors to consider when upgrading your cold air intake system. However, you will need the help of a diesel truck expert to know which upgrades are best for your engine.

The airflow kit is unquestionably beneficial for filtration, bringing in more air, and maintaining the health of your diesel engine. Still, many other factors must be considered when upgrading a diesel truck's efficiency. Trained diesel mechanics can help you with this process since installation and maintenance can be complex.

The professionals at Tameless work hard to understand each customer's needs so they can provide them with the best options to protect their engines. The advice they provide can assist a truck owner in selecting a customized airflow kit that will help improve mileage and performance. And only a knowledgeable team can determine whether one needs a minor upgrade or something more to ensure better performance and longevity for your diesel trucks.

Improve Your Diesel Truck's Performance in Asheville, NC

When you're ready to upgrade your diesel truck, Tameless Performance is your place. They've got everything you need, from the most reliable accessories to simple upgrades and collections that will help you get the most out of your vehicle. Contact the best mechanical shop in your area today to learn more about their reliable diesel services!

December 05, 2022 — AAron Reynolds