Boost Your Engine's Power

Come by our diesel performance shop in Asheville, NC

Do you expect more from your engine? We've got you covered. Tameless Performance, LLC specializes in diesel performance services in Asheville, NC. If you're not satisfied with the performance of your diesel truck, bring it by our diesel performance shop. You can trust us to do what it takes to improve your truck's horsepower, acceleration and torque.

Drop by Tameless Performance today for diesel performance services.

Tameless Performance is a full-service diesel performance shop in Asheville, North Carolina. We can improve your diesel engine's performance by:

  • Installing an upgraded air flow kit
  • Reprogramming the engine control module
  • Upgrading fuel injectors
  • Installing a turbocharger
  • Replacing the exhaust system

A turbocharger works by pushing more air into the engine and pressurizing the air intake, which generates more power. Schedule a turbocharger installation appointment by calling 828-505-8195 today.