Part # 10-1031

45 Gallon Replacement Fuel Tank for 2023 Mercedes Sprinter 144 Inch and 170 Inch Wheelbase S and B


Get Out and Stay Out. More Time to Explore: SB Tanks are high capacity direct replacements for the OE fuel tank. Allowing for almost double the fuel capacity, so you can go further and not waste time at the pumps. Let us fuel your adventure.

Plug and Play installation: The SB Tank comes with all the components to remove your 24 gallon tank and replace it with our 45 gallon tank. The tank mounts in the stock location with an additional rear strap. The tank occupies the space forward and rearward of the original tank and does not stick out anymore toward the driver side than the original tank.

Your Fuel Gauge Works as Normal: Even with more fuel on board, your fuel gauge will remain accurate thanks to SB's tank design. From full to empty you will always know how much fuel is in your tank. The distance to empty however will still be calculated based on the stock fuel capacity.

Built to Last. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty: Made out of 1/4 Inch thick crosslink polyethylene, these tanks are built to last and are backed by our lifetime warranty.


  • Fits 2023 Mercedes Sprinter 144 inch and 170 inch Wheelbase
  • SB Replacement Tank Fuel Capacity: 45 Gallons
  • OEM Tank Capacity: 24 Gallons
  • Straps Included
  • Street Legal in All States

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