JLT Air B ox Blow Through Dry Kit 2011-14 Mustang GT SUPERCHARGED Supercharger Tuning Required


JLT Blow Through Air Box for 2011-2014 Mustang GT 5.0 with Paxton or Vortech Supercharger.

Kit Includes:

  • JLT 4.5 inch Flow Tube (Tube that the filter attaches too, not the compete tube to the supercharger)
  • Dry Filter
  • Silicone Reducer
  • Roto-molded Heat Shield that ties into the stock fresh air inlet in the grille as well as sealing to the hood
  • 4.5x9 inch Red Oil Air Filter 
  • Hood Insert for use on 2013-14 models
  • Hose clamps

We had good results with our dyno testing with the kit. First we ran the car the way it comes from Paxton with the stock airbox in a blow through MAF set up. Then we swapped out the stock box for the new JLT Air Box and made a couple more runs. The increased air flow resulted in an additional 1.5 PSI of boost and 20-30 RWHP and RWTQ increases throughout the runs. This was all with no additional Tuning although any time you make changes to a supercharged car you should have your tune checked.

Easy Install
Detailed instructions helps make this an easy install (see the Instructions tab to download)

2013-14 owners: All JLT kits now include our water blocker plug insert for no worries about water getting to the filter.

Note: This product is NOT CARB (California Air Resource Board) Exempt. It is not for legal sale or use in the state of CA or any other states adopting CA emission standards and require a CA Executive Order (EO) number. Any orders placed for this item with a CA ship to address will be cancelled.

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