Part # MSK5924

1998.5-07 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Gator Heavy Duty Main Stud Kit MSK5924

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Gator Fasteners Heavy Duty Main Stud Kit, Dodge (1998.5-07) 5.9L Cummins Diesel

Upgrade your 5.9L Cummins (1998.5-2007) for superior strength, reliability, and power with Gator's MSK5924 Main Studs. Perfect for stock or modified engines!

  • Unmatched Strength & Durability: Engineered from premium materials for exceptional engine reliability.
  • Increased Power Handling: Withstand demanding applications and performance modifications.
  • Enhanced Engine Performance & Efficiency: Improved cylinder head sealing optimizes power output.
  • Perfect Fitment (1998.5-2007): Designed specifically for Dodge trucks with 5.9L Cummins engines. (Note: Not compatible with factory-installed engine girdles.)
  • Easy Installation (Experienced Mechanics): Kit includes everything for a straightforward upgrade.

Unlock the true potential of your Dodge truck equipped with the legendary 5.9L Cummins engine (1998.5-2007) with the Gator Fasteners MSK5924 Heavy Duty Main Stud Kit.

Invest in Unmatched Performance and Confidence:

The Gator Fasteners MSK5924 Main Studs are built for demanding applications. Here's what sets them apart:

  • Unmatched Strength & Durability: Constructed from premium, high-tensile-strength materials, these main studs offer a significant upgrade over stock main bolts. This translates to superior engine reliability and prevents main bearing failures, especially under high boost or performance conditions.
  • Increased Power Handling Capacity: Whether you're towing heavy loads or pushing performance boundaries, the superior strength of the main studs allows your 5.9L Cummins engine to handle the increased stress without compromising reliability.
  • Enhanced Engine Performance & Efficiency: The robust design of the MSK5924 studs creates a tighter seal between the cylinder head and engine block. This improved sealing minimizes leaks and ensures proper compression, leading to increased power output and potential efficiency gains.
  • Reduced Stress on Engine: By distributing stress more evenly throughout the engine block, these main studs can handle the increased pressure of high-performance engines or those with modifications. This reduces stress on critical components and enhances engine longevity.
  • Perfect Fitment: The MSK5924 kit is specifically designed for a perfect fit in Dodge trucks from 1998.5 to 2007 equipped with 5.9L Cummins diesel engines (Note: Not compatible with trucks having factory-installed engine girdles).
  • Easy Installation (Experienced Mechanics): Designed for experienced mechanics, the kit includes everything needed for a straightforward installation process.

The Gator Fasteners MSK5924 Main Stud Kit is an essential upgrade for any Dodge Cummins owner looking to:

  • Maximize engine performance and reliability
  • Boost power handling capabilities
  • Improve engine efficiency
  • Prevent main bearing failures under demanding use
  • Safeguard the longevity of their engine

*** Will not fit early 1997 and older trucks with 14mm studs. If your not sure, see the image showing the turbo oil drain ports. 14mm engines have one port while 12mm engines have two.

• 2003-07 Common Rail Trucks will not be able to retain Factory Girdle/Block Stiffener with this kit. These fasteners have a much higher strength and will not stretch like the factory bolts will. The Gator Fasteners Performance Main Studs are a Heavy Duty studs designed for stock to built 5.9L Cummins engines.

• For 24V Engines Only (for 12V engines, use MSK5912)
• Not for trucks with Factory Girdle

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